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I promise this will be a quick and straight to the point guide on what are some good study materials for the sec+ exam and what materials I had used. My personal advice would be to use different types of study materials to get your understanding and knowledge. Then I would use a couple of different practice tests. Another tip to remembering information is making funny mnemonic devices for harder to learn stuff and flash cards.

Video based study materials:
1. Professor messer Sec+ videos on youtube. These videos are packed full of information and helped me allot in obtaining the information I needed.

2. Sec+ Exam cram from pete zerger. His youtube channel is called Inside cloud and security. He has one video which is roughly 10 hours long with all 5 domains crammed in it. This was another very useful study material as well.

Time to apply your knowledge:
1. udemy has some practice tests for the sec+ specifically that are around at the time of writing this for about 20$. This is a great study material because it has some labs that are included which will help for understanding some hands on type of understanding.

2.passemall has a sec+ practice tests but I will tell you something better as well. passemall has a sec+ app made by abclearning for android its roughly 10$ when I paid for it and it will help map out a study chart to prep you in the 5 domains before your exam. so for me all I had to do was select my date and honestly I dont think it matters what you choose in regards to how well you want to pass but the app will set up a basic idea of learning 30 questions a day. I would recommend doing more questions at a comfortable pace daily and running practice tests to help solidify that knowledge.

All in all this is the materials I had used to pass my exam. Also wanted to thank all my friends for helping point me in the right direction and giving me the confidence needed as well. Overall I wish any one who reads this the best of luck and you can do it.

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